Intensive care unit


Interview with Dr. Danielle DugatDugat - Professional Photo

The Center for Veterinary Health Sciences offers a 24-hour intensive care unit, or ICU, that provides high quality patient care for those who need close, intensive monitoring and care around the clock.

The ICU is maximally equipped with all of the tools needed to manage a critical patient, from uncontrolled diabetes to post-surgical management of patients who have been hit by a car. No matter the critical need, the ICU staff and doctors are available to provide the care and pain management to best help the patient recover.

Advanced equipment in the ICU includes heart monitoring, oxygen cages, chest tube drainage systems, and ventilator therapy. The ICU is divided to allow cats their own quiet room away from the presence of dogs, and big dogs with comfortable suites that have all the necessary equipment built in.

Referring veterinarians and pet owners can rest well knowing that optimal care is being given around the clock to our most critical patients.