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Canine wellness

Feline wellness

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Just like us, our animals need routine medical care that changes over the course of their lives.

Before bringing home a new pet, your veterinarian can give you great advice on subjects like behavior, diet, and spaying or neutering. Routine examination, including the mouth, can detect problems and address disease early.

Puppies and kittens need a series of vaccinations to build their immunity to diseases like parvo and distemper for dogs, and panleukopenia and respiratory viruses in cats. Vaccinating our pets against rabies not only protects the pet from the deadly disease but also protects us and our community by helping to limit the spread of rabies.

The strategic prevention of fleas, ticks, heart worms, and intestinal parasites keeps our pets, and us, clean of the multitude of diseases they cause.

As our pets age, they can develop geriatric problems, such as trouble with their kidneys, liver and hormone systems. Early indicators of problems can be seen in routine blood work, long before the disease becomes visible externally.

During an annual wellness visit, your veterinarian can help you tailor your pet’s care to fit its life stage.