Canine orthotics


Interview with Dr. Danielle DugatDugat - Professional Photo

With increased awareness of the importance of rehabilitation and the physical therapy in dogs with orthopedic problems, there has been an increase in the use of orthotics in dogs.

Canine orthotics are custom-made splints and braces that are utilized for a variety of orthopedic and neurologic conditions in dogs. The Center for Veterinary Health Sciences’ small animal surgery service, can create custom orthotics for your pet that may be used alone, or in combination with a surgical procedure.

Patients suffering from neurologic problems that impair their ability to walk can be helped tremendously by custom fitted braces. Orthotics can also help protect joints and/or tendons by minimizing movement during the healing phase following surgery.

When other medical conditions require needed orthopedic surgery to be postponed, custom orthotics can allow for a safe increase in activity, provide pain relieving stabilization, and help prevent further injury.