Fighting Fleas


Interview with Dr.Lara SypniewskiSypniewski Lara

Fleas are one of the most annoying and common problems we see with our pets. Constant itching and scratching can lead to miserable pets, as well as miserable owners.

Hypersensitivity to the saliva of the flea bite can cause allergic skin problems and secondary bacterial infections. Many diseases are transmitted by fleas, including tapeworms. Heavy flea infestation on young animals can lead to fatal anemia, due to the large amount of blood fleas can consume.

Facing a heavy flea infestation can be challenging. It may be necessary to alternate preventatives, and treat the environment. Many great oral and topical products are available from your veterinarian to keep fleas off your dogs and cats.

Topical products can be affected by bathing. To be most effective they should be applied at least 48 hours before or after bathing.

It’s critical to treat all the pets in the home at the same time, throughout the year, to minimize the number of fleas in your environment. Your veterinarian can help you build a strategy to keep fleas out of your home and away from your pets.