Laser lithotripsy


Interview with Dr. Danielle DugatDugat - Professional Photo

Urinary crystals and stones can be serious problems, both in people and in our pets. The urinary tract can become irritated and even obstructed by stones. Stones in the urethra can block the passage of urine from the bladder when your pet is attempting to urinate. This can rapidly become life threatening and is an emergency.

The best treatment option, and often the only treatment option, is surgical removal of the stones. Many stones can be flushed back into the bladder and then safely removed; however, stones can become stuck within the urethra making their removal a unique treatment that helps to remove the stone with less risk to the delicate urethral tissue than traditional surgery.

Laser lithotripsy is guided by a tiny endoscopic videocamera that is used to direct the energy of a special laser to break up the stone within the urethra. The fragments of the stone can then be passed, or flushed back into the bladder for removal. Available at the Center for Veterinary Health Sciences, laser lithotripsy is a great specialized tool to provide quality care with decreased risk to the patient.