The Oklahoma Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab


Interview with Dr. Sandra MorganSandra Morgan

Located across the street from the OSU veterinary medical hospital and college, the Oklahoma Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab is home to an amazing team of scientists who use a wide array of specialties to unravel the mysteries of animal disease.

The lab takes in samples, or whole animals that have died, from veterinarians and owners, to determine the cause of death or find what evidence is present about a specific disease. They conduct a multitude of tests for many diseases and toxins.

They help food animal producers to determine the causes of production loss. They help to prevent the spread of disease by running needed tests for health certificates. The laboratory analyzes all sorts of samples for pathology, including analyzing surgical biopsy samples, diagnosing and staging various cancers, and preparing samples for rabies testing.

Animal owners and veterinarians have an invaluable resource for the protection of animal health in the Oklahoma Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab.