The truth about raw milk


Interview with Dr. Tamara GullGull photo

When raw, unpasteurized milk is consumed from a cow it brings with it the possibility of disease from many bacteria and viruses that can harm you.

Pasteurization is the process of heating the milk to a constant temperature over sufficient time to kill bacteria and viruses. The process of pasteurization, developed by Louis Pasteur who is known as the father of microbiology, has resulted in a much safer milk supply for us. This process is also used in wine production.

Studies have shown that the nutritional content of milk is only slightly affected by the pasteurization process, while it’s safety is dramatically increased. Many diseases that were once common, have been virtually eliminated by pasteurization. Even a healthy cow can produce milk that has organisms that can harm you if not handled properly.

Unpasteurized cheese products can be made safer by aging. Once raw milk cheese has been aged past 60 days most bacteria and viruses are no longer active, making it safe for consumption.

Keep you and your family safe by avoiding consumption of raw, unpasteurized milk.