Bone scan (nuclear scintigraphy)


Interview with Dr. Danielle DugatDugat - Professional Photo

The diagnostic bone scan, or nuclear scintigraphy, is available for our animals to help diagnose a wide range of problems.

Injuries causing lameness in our pets can be difficult to diagnose when there is not an obvious fracture. Nuclear scintigraphy can be very helpful in these cases, seeing injuries an x-ray would miss.

When bones, ligaments, and tendons are injured they become very active metabolically, as they try to heal. With nuclear scintigraphy, radio-pharmaceuticals are given that selectively attach to the area of injury.

These chemicals emit radiation that is then detected to create a two-dimensional image, clearly showing injuries that would be invisible with a standard x-ray study.

This imaging technique allows the veterinarian to pinpoint the area of concern, and then develop a diagnostic and treatment plan accordingly. The diagnostic bone scan, or nuclear scintigraphy, is a beneficial tool to help guide the diagnosis and treatment of lameness in our pets.

Talk with your veterinarian to see if this wonderful diagnostic aid could be helpful to your pet.